Posted on January 12, 2023 by Driven Properties Latam


Last month the World Cup was held in Qatar, during that time millions of people visited or were passing through Dubai, giving themselves the opportunity to experience not only the World Cup fever but also the possibility of learning more about this wonderful city and its real estate offer.

For the millions of tourists who visit Dubai, especially during the celebration of large events such as in this case, the organization and the feeling of luxury and security that is breathed in the city is truly captivating and attractive; the quality of the lifestyle and the high returns on real estate investment compared to large metropolises in the world are one of the aspects that attract the most attention for those who visit the city for the first time.

“In recent years we have seen a pattern that is constantly repeated in Dubai, first it was during the pandemic, a time in which the city stood out for its high level of organization and implementation of control measures, which allowed us to keep the borders for everyone offering security and freedom, back then many people chose Dubai as a tourist destination and this in turn allowed them to know more about the possibility of investing in the city. Then came EXPO 2020, bringing millions of tourists and businessmen from all over the world; in both cases the real estate sector was greatly benefited by this opportunity.” Comments Carolina Herrera, business manager of Driven Properties Latam.

This trend that Carolina describes has been repeated once again on the occasion of the Soccer World Cup held in Qatar. Many people visited Dubai for the first time, bringing liquidity to the local market, and for many the real estate offer is an excellent investment opportunity, taking into account the benefits that are obtained with it.

“First-time visitors to Dubai are always impressed by the lifestyle, versatility and friendliness of the people. Dubai is not like any other big metropolis, here you can breathe an atmosphere of security that is not found anywhere else and that plays a fundamental role when choosing the city as an investment destination, keeping in mind the social security is one of the main problems that many countries in the world are going through including Latin America.” Express Carolina.

Not only does social security play a fundamental role in this case, noting the political and economic situation in Latin America, there are many competitive advantages that Dubai offers as an investment destination, not only real estate but also business.

The World Cup is already at home in Argentina, and in Dubai we have been pleased to have served our old clients and welcomed new investors. During and after the World Cup, our client portfolio has continued to increase, Latin Americans have decided to make smart investments, trusting in the experience and professionalism of our team.