Posted on April 01, 2022 by Driven Properties Latam


What is the month of Ramadan?

The most important month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is intended for a period of reflection and devotion that coincides with the time in the lunar calendar when the Prophet Muhammad received his first revelations.

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, the four pillars on which it is based are faith (shahadah), prayer (salah), almsgiving (zakah) and the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj). For those who profess it, during this period more time is devoted to prayer and loved ones.

When is celebrated?

Ramadan 2022 will start on April 2 but we are still waiting for confirmation from the UAE moon observation committee. The official announcement will probably come on April 1. All public and private sector companies, government entities and organizations across the country, as in previous years, will observe reduced working hours during the month. With that in mind, let's take a look at the United Arab Emirates Ramadan 2022 from all aspects.

What does it mean to celebrate Ramadan for people of Muslim faith?

The rhythm of the city relaxes and residents spend their time reflecting, revitalizing, growing. Although different countries celebrate the holy month in different ways, they fast between dawn and dusk, pray periodically and perform acts of charity and humility, all in an atmosphere of empathy and generosity with the less fortunate.

Is it necessary to fast?

Regardless of your faith, Ramadan can be a very special month in Dubai. Non-Muslims don’t have to practice fasting. However, you are free to do so if you wish.

Those who don't fast won't have to go hungry, as many restaurants are open for their regular hours, although they close their shutters so that diners are not in view of the general public.

What is <> and <>?

When the sun sets on a fast day, it's time to eat and socialize. One of the best ways to celebrate this prosperous month is to enjoy a delicious feast with friends for iftar (meal after sunset) or suhoor (before sunrise).

The usual foods in the suhoor, before dawn, are fruit, sweetened cereals, yogurt and puddings. For its part, in the iftar, which is served at sunset, rice dishes and grilled meat abound to regain strength after a long day of fasting.

Are there any other events to attend during this season?

The streets and shopping centers are decorated for the occasion and everyone can take part in the lively events that take place in the evenings. In addition, shopping centers extend their opening hours to adapt to the night activities of Ramadan.