Posted on March 09, 2023 by Driven Properties Latam


Picnic among the desert dunes

This recommended option is a glamorous picnic among the pristine dunes, carefully prepared for groups of all sizes.

These desert getaways can be done with friends to share talks and laughs, just like in the movies. This is a laid-back, classy option to traditional adventure experiences, and can even be customized to include on-site beauty treatments.

Float in a hot air balloon

The serenity of flying over the majestic dunes of the desert is something that one doesn’t imagine until you experience it in your own flesh. Let yourself be carried away by the stillness of the heights while traveling in a balloon, not without being slightly startled by the flames that come out of the burner. To round off the tour, enjoy a warm, sun-drenched breakfast at a pleasant temperature (the balloons don't fly during the summer). It is worth getting up early to enjoy a unique perspective of this iconic landscape, and even spot the local fauna that inhabits it.

Sunset in front of the dhow

To get away from the hustle and bustle of old Dubai, there is nothing more pleasant than sitting by the estuary at sunset to drink a freshly squeezed juice or a saffron infusion. Dhows ferry passengers from one shore to another for just $0.5, and what better time than sunset to watch its last rays glisten across the wakes of the ships. A sight worthy of a postcard!

Urban silhouette from Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbor is one of the youngest districts in the city and offers truly unique views of the Dubai skyline. Vida Creek Harbor's terrace is the perfect setting to enjoy the photogenic reddish sunsets across the water, which on calmer nights shines like glass.

Nature Getaway at The Farm

The Farm at Al Barari is just a few minutes' drive from downtown Dubai, but it feels like a world apart. With its tall trees, its exuberant vegetation and an irresistible menu inspired by gastronomy from different parts of the world, the owners describe it as an "oasis of calm", and without a doubt, it is. This botanical retreat offers a true escape from the routine.

The sound of the waves at Secret Beach

Some secrets are more enjoyable when shared. Along Al Sufouh Road, the Secret Beach is a hidden beach without shops, located in an inconspicuous gap between two breakwaters. It is a very popular place for camping. Some mornings, just after sunrise, the sky turns soft pastel colors as small waves wash over the white sand. The space is protected by breakwaters, which translates into endless views of the water and the impressive silhouette of the Burj Al Arab.

Explore the waters of the Palm Jumeirah

Visitors often don't consider open water diving as a possibility in Dubai, but the waters around The Palm often surprise those who venture into them with the diversity of their marine life. This area is popular with those who are learning to dive, but also with more experienced divers, since its comfortable conditions open the doors to a peaceful expedition through the magical underwater kingdom.

Skydiving over The Palm

Maybe not everyone chooses this option to relax, but for others, diving from 9,000 meters high with Skydive Dubai produces a feeling of calm… after the initial adrenaline rush! If you opt for the tandem jump, you will enjoy a very stable descent during which you will have time to admire the views of the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residences. It is certainly a unique way to see the city.