ROC Citizenship DMCC

ROC Citizenship DMCC

What is Residence / Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by investment is the granting of citizenship status to an individual (and immediate family members) subject to a specific and quantifiable investment in the country.

  • Programs designed to attract foreign capital and entrepreneurs by providing in return the right of residence and/or citizenship.
  • Residency programs in Europe are also known as “golden visas”.
  • Immigrant investor programs typically have multiple criteria that must be met for the investment to qualify, often related to job creation, real estate purchase, or non-refundable contributions.

Our ROC citizenship services offer:

  • Specialization in residence and citizenship by investment.
  • It offers all the programs available on the market as well as customized solutions.
  • Multicultural team ready to serve your needs in different languages: English, French, German, Afrikaans, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.
  • ROC Citizenship is headquartered in Dubai with a branch in Ontario, Canada.


  • We qualify the investor and offer the most appropriate solution based on their requirements.
  • We collect all the necessary documents for the application (i.e. birth certificate, police certificate, passport copy, etc.).
  • We submit an official application form and send it with all the collected documents to the local authorities for approval.
  • An independent organization will conduct due diligence to verify the applicant's background.
  • The application is approved, the investor makes the government contribution, buys a property or invests in a business.
  • We will collect the new passport on behalf of the applicant.


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